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Bunions, those bony protrusions on your big toes, can be far more than just a cosmetic concern, often causing considerable pain. At Denville Foot & Ankle, Daniel Hennessy, DPM, helps patients in Denville, New Jersey, deal with painful and problematic bunions using both conservative and minimally invasive surgical techniques. To learn more about the treatments for bunions, call the office or use the online booking tool.

Bunions Q & A

What are bunions?

A bunion, medically known as a hallux valgus, is a bony bump located at the base of your big toe, on the inside of your foot. While the bump can be problematic enough, a bunion is progressive, often forcing your big toe to shift over or under your second toe. When this happens, you’re susceptible to calluses or corns on top of the middle joints in your second toe, exacerbating an already uncomfortable problem.

More often than not, bunions form on both of your feet, though one foot may be more severe than the other.

What causes bunions?

Bunions develop far more often in women, for one very good reason: women’s shoes. Tight, pointy shoes with heels, which force your toes into a crowded space, are one of the primary causes of bunions.

Outside of ill-fitting shoes, bunions can also be inherited, as some families pass on a foot structure that’s more prone to bunion development.

Rounding out the most common causes of bunions are medical conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, which can deform your joints, causing bunions to develop.

How are bunions treated?

When it comes to treating bunions, there are many different avenues, which largely depend upon the degree of your bunion. After Dr. Hennessy performs a complete examination, including in-office, high-definition X-rays, he recommends an appropriate plan for your situation and your goals.

In their earliest stages, the goal is to stop your bunions from progressing, in which case Dr. Hennessy recommends switching out your shoes to ones with roomier toe boxes. He also supplies you with padding to help to relieve some of the discomfort. As well, custom orthotics can take the pressure off the area by rebalancing your foot.

If your bunions are more advanced, Dr. Hennessy may recommend a bunionectomy, wherein he reduces the bony bump and realigns the metatarsal that leads to your big toe.

Recovery from this outpatient surgery depends upon the extent of the correction, but in most cases, you should count on a brief non-weight-bearing period, followed by the use of a surgical shoe or boot. Dr. Hennessy uses the latest minimally invasive surgical techniques so that your recovery moves along more quickly, allowing you to get back to your normal routine as soon as possible.

To learn more about treating bunions, please call Denville Foot & Ankle or use the online booking tool to set up a consultation.